Ainslee Hooper Chats with…

Ainslee Hooper Chats with… Ruby Susan Mountford

October 26, 2020

On this week's episode of Ainslee Hooper Chats with.., I bring you the first half of a two part episode. 

This week I got to speak to Ruby Susan Mountford who is doing amazing stuff in the autism, LGBTQI, bisexual advocacy spaces, and that's not all! Ruby is a radio announcer, podcaster, researcher and so much more. as a non-binary, bisexual and autistic person, Ruby sits on many intersections as a person with a disability. 

Over this and the next episode, Ruby and I talk about the disability and inclusion, the amazing work Ruby is doing including research projects, representation of disability and other diverse groups in popular media, get emotional over Schitt's Creek, and much more....


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